At OʼFlynns one of our specialised services involves the supply and installation of genuine age-old reclaimed parquet flooring. Typically over a century old this type of floor was once very popular in stately homes, government buildings, hospitals and large private residences. Now through our extensive list of international contacts we can source a huge variety of exotic parquet flooring from all around the world – as we are amongst the first to find out when the type of buildings mentioned above are due for renovation or demolition.

Why reclaimed parquet?

The distinctive herring-bone pattern of a parquet floor canʼt fail to add character to any space – character which can only be further enhanced by the knowledge that the floor lay elsewhere for maybe a century or more. Indeed as part of our service we can provide a letter of provenance with many of our reclaimed floors, detailing their previous location and history.

With regards to choice, reclaimed parquet comes in a huge variety of wood types. Some of the most popular are: Rhodesian Teak, Panga Panga, Wenge, Oak, Sapele, Beech, African Teak, Iroko and Walnut. Of course prices vary considerably depending on woodtype and rarity but are typically €xx to €xx per sq yd including fitting.

Environmental Benefits

With reclaimed parquet not only can you achieve a floor thatʼs beautiful, hardwearing and brimming with character, you can also rest assured that youʼve chosen the most environmentally friendly flooring option available – simply because no newly cut wood is required. If youʼd like to find out more about reclaimed parquet call us on xxxx or Contact Us here