One of the most popular choices for homeowners today, Engineered Floors consist of a solid hardwood top layer affixed to an extremely strong manufactured base. This combination of materials means an Engineered Floor delivers the unmistakable texture and feel of solid wood but also benefits from specific structural attributes – namely a high degree of resistance to fluctuating moisture levels and temperatures. For this reason, engineered flooring is an excellent option for houses with underfloor heating.

The terms ʻsemi-solidʼ and ʻsolid-engineeredʼ are both used to describe Engineered Floors. Both types of floor are manufactured in the same way but solid-engineered options have both a thicker base layer and a thicker hardwood top than their semi-solid counterparts. Importantly both can be sanded and revarnished throughout the life of the floor – ensuring that a ʻjust laidʼ look can be achieved years down the line.