Reclaimed Panga Panga parquet

Reclaimed Panga Panga parquet set in this modern kitchen, a great interior design choice of contrasting colours and old with new.

Reclaimed Panga Panga parquet floor.

Reclaimed Panga Panga parquet floor.

European Oak parquet (woodblock) flooring.

European Oak parquet (woodblock) flooring.

Exquisite floors, Exceptional service, Expert craftsmen.

O Flynns Flooring have been manufacturing and installing  parquet real wood flooring for over 20 years, we have been asked by some of our regular clients why don’t we start a campaign to conquer the world by parquet,  in fact we have been as a company promoting the use of parquet wood flooring for many years now because of its beauty, diversity, and durability.

Whilst this question may have been asked in jest, this idea and comments came from one of  the countries leading Architects. Deblacam & Meagher,, whom we are delighted to work with on many flooring projects, they are fans of real natural sustainable wood flooring particularly parquet (woodblock)  and in particular reclaimed parquet (woodblock). The advantages of parquet (woodblock) reclaimed or new production are numerous, from use in conjunction with underfloor heating, its ease of maintenance, choice of many styles of  finish and colour as the floor can be finished in house by our team of expert installers, including our very own Parquet Master craftsman Oliver Kratz, Oliver trained for many years in Germany. We  are proud that Oliver chose to work with  OFlynn’s Flooring.

The sourcing of  the raw lumber (kiln dried timber), in exotic woods as well as lumber from Europe and America is so important to us for our production, in some cases we are fortunate to be able to buy  the parquet ( woodblock) we use for projects pre machined  from renewable, certified and sustained resources throughout the world, therefore taking some of the pressure off our skilled craftsmen working in our manufacturing facility. When the material is available we will also offer our clients the option of using reclaimed parquet, which we search for on a daily basis, however this is always subject to availability, but as you can imagine, each reclaimed parquet wood floor has a unique history, which our clients for this product really appreciate as it adds to the uniqueness of that particular project, ( please look out for our posts on unusual finds in the reclaimed products).

The fact that reclaimed parquet is an environmentally positive material, the use of  a precious natural raw material that normally would be dumped or burned also ties in with our company policy for reducing our carbon footprint further. O Flynn’s Flooring are very conscious of the environment we all share, we want as a company to leave as small a carbon footprint as is possible.

Responsible sourcing, proper waste management, correct usage of the natural  timber products and material we offer is paramount  to O’Flynns Flooring . This is one of many reasons we have developed a very strong position within Ireland, United Kingdom and are now looking to Europe, as one of the leading go to specialists for this type of solid engineered planking and parquet natural real wood floor covering.

Please keep checking in on the website as we add new content and please like our facebook page to see the new projects as the are completed this will give you a very good idea of how we will endeavor to conquer the world by parquet.

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